I thought this stock photo was cool, so that's why I chose it. This does not represent any deep concept or woke idea whatsoever. It's simply an image intended to liven up the place. Also, don't sue me, Apple. I know how your minimalist palette appeals to all, but I'm not jacking your swagger. Plus, I'm dead broke, so you wouldn't get a penny out of me. Now click below for the latest post, goddammit!

About Yours Truly

Just your above average narcissistic asshole, but nowadays its cliché to be a narcissistic asshole, so I guess I’ll be something else for today. Picking up blogging wasn’t that hard of a decision, considering it provides an outlet for creativity to flow. Also, I deployed, so there’s that. Without alcohol and women to keep me entertained, I’m subject to my own thoughts as a source of excitement. Providing personal anecdotes, as well as somewhat credible insight on modern society, is what I do best. Enjoy reading the blog, as much as I enjoy writing it, because we have to enjoy the little things. Word to Jesse Eisenberg in Zombieland.

Feel free to reach me via Instagram: @brianpoe

Or Snapchat: @bodegalove

Emails are so 2008, anyways.

Location Coming To You Live From East Bubbafuck, Africa Phone 1-800-IMSADAF Hours Expect a post every week or two, depending on how lazy I am at the time. If I'm drunk, expect a post the same day.
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